Andrew graduated from University of Leeds in 1990 having studied Molecular Biophysics and then subsequently completed his Pharmacology Research PhD at the University of Bath in 1995 whilst working as a research assistant.

Andrew has always had a keen interest in science and education so when the opportunity arose to join the Swindon based Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council it was an exciting career path to take.  Andrew has led teams working with the Aerospace and Healthcare business sectors, led policy for Postgraduate Training and Fellowships, and managed the Physical Sciences research community.  Since 2014 Andrew has been an Associate Director leading University corporate interactions and Strategic Planning.

Andrew became interested in school governance when the building works of Peatmoor Community Primary School began close to where he first lived in Swindon.  Andrew was part of the original governing body established in 1999 and became chair of the Governing Board in 2003.  Andrew has undertaken various training and development activities in this role and most recently completed the Chairs Development Programme in 2017.  Andrew has been part of the LACT Board since it was established in November 2015.

Andrew is married to Jill (a school governor at Shaw Ridge Primary School), has twin boys and a miniature poodle.  Andrew is a committed Christian where he is a member of All Saints Church Lydiard Millicent; he regularly leads All Age services and has preached as part of a sermon series on the topic ‘Christians in Science’.  Andrew is a keen runner and cycles to work to keep fit and beat the traffic.