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The Link Acaremies Collaborative Trust (LACT) was formed on 29th October 2013 as an 'Umbrella Charitable Trust' comprising four schools: Millbrook Primary School, Peatmoor Community Primary School, Shaw Ridge Primary School and Westlea Primary School. All four schools located within the western expansion of Swindon, Wiltshire. In 2021 Westlea Primary School left the LACT to investigate alternative operational structures, so the LACT is now a group of three schools.

The Umbrella trust model is a group of schools that work together under an overarching charitable trust. In ths model each school is an individual trust in its own right with its own funding agreement with the Secretary of State, and a directly accountable governing body with its own Articles of Association; in this way each school is accountable for its performance, standard and operation. Some of the governors on each school's Governing Body are appointed by the Umbrella Trust which can choose to have minority or majority presence according to how well a school is performing. The benefits of being an Umbrella Trust are that it strengthens the capacity of all the schools to consistently improve educational standards. Each school maintains its own autonomy and unique character but the schools collaborate closely on key areas for improving all aspects within our schools, especially to share expertise, resources and services more effectively and provide an improved educational offering and support to all the pupils served by the LACT. In addition, academy status provides a level of independence from local authority control. More responsibility rests with each school to control expenditure, how it is organised and the format of the education that it offers.