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Individually strong, collaboratively stronger.


In 2013 a group of West Swindon primary schools took the plunge, left local authority control and converted to academy status. Whilst close geographically, the schools had quite different catchment demographics and each school therefore had its own individual feel and style. In converting, the schools wanted to retain their individuality but also wanted to build on, and formalise, the informal collaboration that had been ongoing between them for a number of years. with this in mind it was decided that each school would convert to a stand-alone academy, but that at the same time the schools would form and become members of the Link Academies Collaborative Trust (LACT).

The LACT is an umbrella trust, an overarching organisation which binds the schools together, fostering close collaboration at all levels within the schools. Its aim is to ensure that all of the schools offer the very best education possible and that every child is supported to reach their full potential.

At the point of conversion, the schools were a mix of Ofsted rated "Good", and "Requires Improvement", but with all the schools having been inspected since conversion, all are currently rated as "Good" and the drive to maintain this upward trajectory continues unabated.